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Super powerful lincoln`s limousine

March 22, 2010

Look at super limousine. Do you drive this car? Whether can any of these mcar like as audi, lotus, lexus, suzuki be better?


Lamborgini produce electric car

March 22, 2010

Hello. I find in web information about lamborgini electric car. Look at pisture. What you think about power and speed electric lamorgini?

Toyota tune vitz towncar

March 15, 2010

Do you like this tune on toyota vitz.

New place for luggage in a taxi and town car here

March 15, 2010

New place for your luggage. It is sports and it is original. What your opinion on it?

Taxiban in Africa.

March 15, 2010

Look at this taxiban. Ii it nice?
It is terrible. How people can use it?

Lux car sport from bmw.

January 24, 2010

Oh, look at the new bmw. This sport auto in nice, isn`t it?